Sprinkled with stardust!

Molly Rose, is all about a romantic hero and Polly, an author who got so inspired by her amazing bakery, that decided to bring it to life. 

Not only to bake the recipes and fill the air with delicious smells, but also revive the romantic atmosphere and forgotten values that bring people together and put smiles on faces.

Molly’s secret recipes are revealed for the first time in centuries, so children along with their parents and grandparents can find their way into the magical world of baking!


"Long time ago, there was a beautiful bakery, in a small provincial town in England. This is probably no more than a fairytale, but it is believed that the owner, Molly the baker, was a fairy or had some sort of magical powers related to the world of fairies and elves".


Molly Rose "An amazing Bakery" part 1

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