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Our Philosophy and range

Nature is ever changing among the seasons, so why should our treats stay the same year round? At Molly Rose, we find inspiration in the different colours, moods or images of the world around us and we like to experiment so we constantly can offer our customers, new and exciting flavours.

There is only one thing that remains consistent in our daily menu; the LOVE for what we do, and our quality promise to you.

- Layer cakes and cupcakes

- Cheesecakes

- Tarts and Pies

- Cookies and Brownies

- Scones and Biscuits

- Meringues and Macarons

- Savoury treats

- Party ideas

- And more...

You are welcome to share your ideas and place your customised orders 1-2 days in advance.  For wedding cakes or catering events, please let us know a month before.  

Call us or email us at: and speak to a member of our staff.

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